3rd Annual Toy Drive


Sydney's Soldiers Always Siblings Toy Drive

This year we are changing up our Annual Toy Drive!

Normally we collect toys for Mercy Hospital & Cardinals Kids Cancer Center, because those were the two locations Sydney was treated at the most. Sydney was always able to get a toy from the toy closet stocked by Friends of Kids With Cancer. We've always donated to them but they always have an abundance of toys donated during Christmas time. 

This year, we decided that we were going to open a "Siblings Toy Closet" at Cardinals Kids Cancer Center so that the SUPER SIBLINGS could get a toy also, because when a child is diagnosed with cancer, their siblings suffer too. So we wanted to make sure that those Super Siblings get something too! 

Toy Drive Drop Off Locations

USA Mortgage -  12140 Woodcrest Executive Dr Suite 150, St. Louis, MO 63141

More to come..... 

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Sydney's 2nd Annual Toy Drive Was a success!!!!


We set a goal of 1000 toys to be collected for Cardinals Kids Cancer Center and Mercy Hospital. Once all toys were collected, and stickered with our "Sydneys Soldiers 2nd Annual Toy Drive" stickers, and counted....we had over 1600 toys to donate! 

Bucket List Toy Drive

Thank you all who supported our toy drive in any way! This goes from people setting out boxes for us, businesses letting us put boxes in their business, people donating the toys, Ryan Dean at KSDK for doing a news story, EVERYONE. THANK YOU!


Next year we hope our toy drive is BIGGER AND BETTER!

We hope that each year, as #SydneysSoldiersAlways grows, that our toy drive will grow with it! 

There will MANY happy kids in the cancer center and the hospital that get to pick out a toy on a day that just may not be going good due to treatment or sickness. That's what it is all about.