We are a 501c3 NonProfit Charitable Organization

We are a 501c3 NonProfit Charitable Organization

We are a 501c3 NonProfit Charitable OrganizationWe are a 501c3 NonProfit Charitable Organization

JOY DAY RECIPIENTS - Grames Family - April 2019

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John, Sarah, Grace, Mylah, Johnny & Tommy 

A Day at Six Flags


SydneysSoldiersAlways was able to gift the Grames family season passes and season meal passes to Six Flags!

So Much FUN!


 Mom, Sarah said that all the kids had an amazing time, and that Johnny was so excited that he was able to get a Bacon Cheeseburger AND ice cream! His favorite rides were The Joker and Justice League! 

St Baldricks Shave Event


This family came out to support the #SydneysSoldiersAlways team at the Florissant St Baldrick's event.

St Baldricks Shave Event


John, the father, shaved his head to help us raise money to fund research for better treatments and cures for childhood cancer!

John Shaves His Head!


This entire family is in the fight, but this is Johnny....He is a SUPERHERO and is fighting this cancer just like superheroes do!

JOY DAY RECIPIENTS - Peterson Family September 2019

Spreading Some Joy!


Spreading Joy to the Peterson family. In pic shown left to right, Dana Manley, Oliver Peterson, Carson Peterson, Michele Peterson & Mat Welch.

Posing With FredBird!


Oliver & Carson having some fun posing with Fred Bird outside of Cardinals Kids Cancer Center!

Showing off the shirt!


Each member of our Joy Day families get a Sydneys Soldiers Always foundation shirt and on the back is JOY DAY and their name. This is Oliver posing with his!


Auggie Powers


I’d like to introduce you to Auggie, who is 6, his sister Emerson, who is 4 and his mama Libby. 

Auggie was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Christmas morning 2016. He was 3 at the time and the treatment for ALL is just over 3 years for boys. 

Auggie started kindergarten this year but has had to miss a lot of school because of an infection. He has really been struggling with this infection in his toe since April, that won’t heal because of his immune system being so compromised. He also has developed a toxicity to one of the chemotherapy drugs, methotrexate, that is very important to his treatment protocol. 

When I spoke to mom, and she said that what would bring Auggie and their family the most JOY is a dog. So  I started working on searching for a dog that Auggie has been wanting, a golden doodle. As some of you know, an amazing, loving family out of Wright City donated Zoey for Sydney’s 8th birthday. Our friend Zabrina help me get in touch with this family again, and they have donated a beautiful golden doodle to Auggie and his family! 

Libby, Auggie & Emerson Powers


What a beautiful family....but something is missing....

Meet JD (JOYDAY) Christmas! That’s what was missing!!


Sydney’s Soldiers Always presents “Auggie’s Joy Day,”

Sydney’s Soldiers Always presents When Auggie Met JD Christmas! 🐕 

Thank you to Libby, Auggie’s mom for allowing us to give your family some JOY! 

Make sure you watch until the very end...because if you didn’t already know why we do this, you’ll know after hearing it in Auggie’s own words! ❤️❤️❤️

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